We are attorneys who assist a broad range of clients in the Puget Sound region and beyond who have been injured through the negligent or intentional conduct of other people or organizations. Whether you’ve been injured in an auto accident, dog or animal attack, sexual abuse, fraud, or any manner of intentional or negligent conduct, we would be happy to discuss the issue. We represent plaintiffs only – meaning we never defend the parties that cause others harm.

Guided by the principal that people always come before profit, we only take cases that we can handle effectively and competently. Our experience, knowledge, dedication and association with other like-minded personal injury attorneys make this possible.



We don’t promise more than we can deliver or take on cases a small firm can’t handle effectively. However, this is a small firm with big reach; we associate with some of the best attorneys in the state. What does that mean for a client? When a case presents novel or unusually complex issues that may require multiple personal injury attorneys or an attorney with specialized knowledge, more often than not we can provide that through our associations with other firms. When we can’t, we will help you to find some other legal team we are not affiliated with that may better suit your needs – all at no cost to you.

We don’t keep you in the dark or keep quiet when you have questions. Unlike some firms, we are not an impersonal settlement mill. We maintain a relatively small caseload so that we can get to know your case, identify potential problems, and keep in touch with you.

We don’t tell you what we think you’d like to hear and we won’t attempt to sign you up with inflated estimates of your case value. In some instances, we can provide you ballpark ideas about the potential value of a claim, but often there is no way to know this at the outset of a case.