Consumer Protection/Fraud

The consumer protection attorneys at Peterson Baker advocate for consumers and businesses harmed by the unfair or deceptive acts and practices of established businesses and individual scammers.

We can empower consumers to defend themselves and assert their rights against an array of unfair and deceptive acts and practices. Such practices may involve business torts, debt collections, auto repair fraud, timeshare resale and timeshare transfer scams, debt adjusting scams, predatory lending and foreclosures, and other wrongful acts and practices that victimize countless consumers every day. Consumer protection violations may also occur alongside legal malpractice or business disputes.

In many cases, the damages individual consumers suffer from these wrongful acts and practices are relatively small, but the businesses and scammers have much to gain by catching thousands, sometimes millions, of consumers in their schemes. When faced with the costs of bringing their claims to court, many consumers just can’t afford to assert their rights; others concede that it would cost more to go to court than to accept their loss.

For these reasons, Washington State has passed laws that allow consumers to recover not only for their damages, but also for the court costs and attorney fees it took to win their case. Our attorneys are committed to helping consumers access legal services, defend themselves, and assert their rights through these kinds of “fee-shifting” claims.

Washington’s Consumer Protection Act (CPA) broadly prohibits unfair and deceptive acts and practices in trade or commerce. The acts and practices covered by the CPA are almost as varied as the predators, con artists, opportunists, and privateers who perpetrate them: unfair or deceptive sales, leases, lotteries, mortgage buy-backs, auto repairs, optional insurance policies, extended warranties, opt-out subscriptions, and pyramid schemes are just a few of the ever-evolving scams that harm millions of consumers every year. Our attorneys take tremendous pride in carefully investigating these kinds of scams, vigorously defending consumers against the scammers, and aggressively pursuing justice and damages on behalf of the scammers’ victims.

If you you or someone you know have suffered some sort of loss as a result of some unfair or deceptive act a criminal act, you may have a claim for violations of Washington’s Consumer Protection Act. Don’t wait, the statute of limitations on civil cases can vary based on your case and location. If you believe you have a claim, contact one of the consumer protection attorneys at Peterson Baker.