Legal Malpractice

Good Lawyers Sometimes Lose Good Cases, But Losses Don’t Always Equal Legal Malpractice.

At some point, every attorney loses. Sometimes cases are lost through errors in strategy, jury bias, or lack of evidence. Frequently, a just result is impossible, as when insurance limits aren’t equal to a client’s losses. Inevitably, an attorney will disappoint a client, but an unfavorable result doesn’t always equal legal malpractice. Attorneys also make forgivable lawyer mistakes and bad judgment calls. But lawyer mistakes and strategic errors don’t always equal attorney incompetence or negligence.

But Sometimes they do.

If a lawyer’s mistakes are truly negligent they may have committed legal malpractice. Additionally, when an attorneys commit some sort of deceptive act in the the manner they bill, obtain, or retain clients, those actions may violate Washington’s Consumer Protection Act. In most jurisdictions the first step to winning a legal malpractice lawsuit requires proof of an attorney-client relationship existed between you and the attorney that the attorney breached a duty they owed to you, and that this breach caused some sort of measurable harm.

What To Do When You Suspect Your Lawyer Has Committed Legal Malpractice?

You’ll hate this answer: Call another lawyer. Specifically call a legal malpractice attorney who can evaluate your case. We understand that this may sound like a losing idea when you already feel betrayed by the legal profession. It shouldn’t. Every profession has its’ hacks, and the legal profession is no different. Most attorneys take their fiduciary duty to clients seriously and strive to handle each case¬† ethically. The legal malpractice attorneys at Peterson Baker certainly do.

Worried that your attorney mismanaged funds, failed to take appropriate action on a case, improperly advised you, or just have questions? We are here to talk. Please call or email the legal malpractice lawyers at Peterson Baker. Nearly all of our cases are done on a contingent fee basis so you pay nothing unless you’re case is successfully resolved.