Dog and Animal Attacks

Dog bites can be one of the most surprising, sudden and terrifying personal injuries a person can suffer. Often a dog attack occurs during a period of recreation – at a park, in the home of a family member, a neighbor or friend. We may know and love the animals, and they may have previously welcomed our attention and affection. Dog attack victims often describe how one moment they were simply reaching to pet or play with a previously friendly animal when suddenly the dog turned.

Dog attack injuries can be painful and complicated. Frequently, dog bite victims are the most vulnerable among us – children, the disabled, and the elderly. A biting dog can leave deep and crooked lacerations in very visible places like the face, head and neck. Such wounds can be difficult to suture and are especially prone to infection. Scarring can be extensive and permanent, even after cosmetic surgery.

Whatever the damage a dog bite victim may suffer, the cost of caring for the injuries can be astronomical. Fortunately for dog and animal attack victims, Washington law provides certain remedies and protections.

Depending on the severity of the dog bite injury, it may be important to find a competent dog bite lawyer to represent you. There are few if any attorneys who specialize solely in dog bites. However, certain personal injury lawyers will know how to navigate a dog bite case. A competent, reputable dog bite lawyer will know how to properly document the cost of your medical care, future medical care, and damages related to pain and suffering or any wage loss. It may be necessary for a dog bite victim to have a cosmetic surgeon prepare a report and cost estimate. Often, a good dog bite lawyer will know of the most reputable cosmetic surgeons in the area who are willing to do this and who are comfortable appearing in court should the case end up being litigated. Many doctors are not at all willing to do this. A competent dog bite lawyer can also can also push back and prevail against frivolous denials of liability. Certain insurers are notorious for denying liability even in cases where liability is obvious.

The attorneys at Peterson Baker Law evaluate dog bite cases from all over Washington State at no cost.