Plaintiff’s Attorneys Serving the Pacific Northwest

Peterson Baker is a Seattle, Washington based plaintiff’s firm. We represent people in every corner of the Pacific Northwest who have suffered some form of personal injury, economic injury and injuries to business. Between us, we have handled a a diverse range of cases, from clients seeking justice from after experiencing deeply personal or catastrophic injuries, to complex litigation involving some of the world’s largest corporations. Any case we choose to take is a case of consequence, meaning we find the issues, people or organizations involved to be deserving of diligent advocacy and just results. No matter the value.

In Every Corner Of The State, We Get Results

If you’ve experienced a personal, economic or business injury in Washington State – anywhere from the Palouse to Puget Sound – we want to help. We are adept at evaluating and litigating a broad range of legal issues, and have done so in state and federal courts east and west of the Cascades.