Car and Motorcycle Accidents

Car accidents can cause any number of injuries, including the following:

– Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries.

– Spinal cord injuries.

– Brain and head injuries.

– Broken bones.

– Lacerations and burns.

Even a minor auto accident can present complex legal issues. Insurers involved in the claim – from the liability insurance company to your own first party insurer and health care insurer – usually create a maze of issues, each difficult to navigate. Knowing what may or may not be a fair settlement requires knowledge of relevant insurance and tort laws, rules of the road, the peculiarities of each insurance company and their reputations for fairness or foul play. Often, a fair settlement with certain insurance companies is nearly impossible. Trial may be necessary.

As common as auto accidents are, few are prepared for the aftermath. Your world may be changed to some degree – sometimes dramatically so. Injuries stemming from an auto accident may cause you to lose income while struggling through a difficult and expensive recovery, damaging the long-term financial well being of you and your family. The toll may leave some vulnerable to people or organizations they shouldn’t trust. Many bargain, settle, or give statements to insurance adjusters when they shouldn’t.

If an auto accident has left you vulnerable and in need of legal help, contact us before you attempt to negotiate a claim on your own, or take some action that could damage your claim. Let the Seattle injury attorneys at Peterson Baker investigate your claim, seek out sources of insurance you may be unaware of, and explain how your case might progress, and what you need to do to ensure your case is resolved fairly. We are happy to explain how an auto injury claim might progress and the inherent pitfalls – and we will do so without pressuring you to sign.